Top 4 Spa Treatments to Help Your Workout Recovery

You go to a spa to relax, decompress, and escape from the network of stressors that are attached to daily life. But spas aren’t just for fleeing stress and anxiety and taking refuge in a calm, soothing environment. They’re also great places to help your body recover from a wide range of ailments. Spas are particularly effective at aiding bodies recovering from intense workouts. Here are a few spa treatments that can help your body rejuvenate and restore itself after a vigorous bout of exercise.

A massage can help loosen and relax muscles worn out from running, cycling, lifting weights, and participating in competitive sports. Whatever your go-to workouts are, the top-tier, professional massages that spas offer can alleviate muscle pain and ease muscle tissue into a more relaxed state. Not only will this help you feel better, but your recovery time will be significantly reduced.

Hot Stone Therapy
A hot stone massage is a therapy in which a trained professional uses hot stones to access deep layers of muscle and body tissue. In addition to the benefits that regular massages offer, hot stone therapy also opens up blood vessels and promotes greater blood flow. The heat, meanwhile, induces a state of full-body relaxation that can help soften even the most serious post-workout soreness.

Hot Bath
Hot baths are a simple and timeless technique to soothe sore, achy, and even bruised bodies. They also have some substantive scientific research behind them. Studies have shown that hot baths aid muscle recovery and trigger an anti-inflammatory response that can have myriad benefits throughout the body.

Relaxing Body Wraps
A lesser known treatment, body wraps are a great way to help relax your body. Deep pressure, heat therapy and cold therapy wraps can help loosen sore or tight muscles, improve flexibility, and reduce swelling. This natural treatment provides a wide range of benefits, all of which help you recover faster, better, and have you ready to attack your next workout with intensity.

Many of us think of spas as overnight destinations or weekend getaways to go with close friends or spouses. But a spa can be a great place to drop in after a long run, an hour at the gym, or an intramural sport competition. They offer a range of services that can assuage muscles and joints, stimulate healthy blood flow, and pacify the mind. To experience the total body benefits of a trip to the spa, contact our office and schedule an appointment today.

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