Panama City FL Health Spa | How Massage Therapy May Benefit Individuals With PTSD

Roughly 24.4 million people are living with PTSD, according to PTSD United. Although the experiences and symptoms may be different, the seriousness of the condition is undiminished. For those suffering, the road to recovery may be long and filled with several kinds of treatment. However, some studies have shown that massage therapy, while not a “cure” in and of itself, can be beneficial.

While people should never rely on massage therapy to relieve all the symptoms of PTSD, there are several effects of massage that can act as a supplement to other care and treatment. Stress relief, decreasing anxiety, reducing depression and improving mood are all positive results that great massage therapy can have on a person. A study published in 2012 even found that veterans who had received massage therapy reported significant reductions in physical pain, tension, irritability, anxiety, and depression.

Another common symptom of PTSD is dissociation from the self. The physical aspect of massage therapy may allow clients to experience a deeper sense of self than they have been able to achieve on their own. In total, the feelings of comfort, safety, and control created by effective massage therapy can provide some unique benefits to clients with PTSD.

This is not to say that massage therapy will be effective for all, or that it will always work. There may be individuals who are not ready for the level of intimacy, but for those who are, massage therapy may be worth a shot.

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